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We would like to welcome and thank all our new patients who have joined us recently and a big thanks to all our fantastic podiatry patients who come to see us regularly at Footprint Podiatry Brighton SA.

Treating foot pain and providing foot care solutions is very rewarding for us as Podiatrists.

Whether you want to run a marathon, walk your kids to school or collect your mail, achieving these things are much easier and more satisfying if your feet are comfortable. Making the important decision to have healthy and comfortable feet for life is a great investment. The best thing about making this decision is that you don’t have to do it all yourself, the Podiatrists at Footprint Podiatry Brighton SA are here to help you.

Our Podiatrists at Brighton love to keep up to date with the latest Podiatry knowledge. We aim to educate and guide as many people as possible toward optimal foot health. Ideally this should begin at a young age and continue throughout adulthood, to ensure that your feet will always function well and feel great, instead of being a constant source of unnecessary foot pain!

The Footprint Podiatry team consists of Nicole Jaques our Senior Podiatrist. We have also expanded our services to you introducing a comprehensive range of Revere, Vionic and Orthoheel shoes.

Our podiatrists have completed the Australian Podiatry Association’s ‘Accredited Podiatrist’ program, demonstrating their commitment to continually improving their skills.

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