So what is a Paraffin Foot Bath?

Our key focus for all of our patients is to make them feel completely comfortable whilst they are being treated by one of our highly trained and friendly Podiatrists.

Apart from offering the best in Podiatry services, we ‘go the extra mile’.

We introduced paraffin wax bath treatments into our Surgery a few years ago and they have been extremely well received by patients of all ages.  It is not just for the women.

Paraffin wax baths are extremely good at helping with circulation and softening rough, callused skin and for a very reasonable price is a great way of keeping your feet in ‘tip top’ condition.

In fact, recently we had to purchase a new wax bath and  went 2 days without being able to offer it and our regular patients were devastated.  It is a favourite part of their treatment.


Prior to having a paraffin wax treatment, your Podiatrist will treat your feet.


Then will dip your feet three times into the beautiful warm wax


Then your feet are put in special plastic bags to seal in the benefits of the wax.


Your feet are then put in special ‘booties’ for approximately 5 minutes.



Whilst you are waiting for the wax to work its ‘magic’ you can select a colour from our range of nail polishes (or bring one from home if you prefer).


Once the wax and booties are removed your Podiatrist will paint your nails for you if you wish.

Once your treatment is over you will walk out of the treatment room feeling like you are walking on air Smile

Make sure you enquire about a Paraffin wax treatment when you next book your appointment.

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